Drag Queen Makeover!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting the Scully's from Carlow! They were on a hen in Carrick On Shannon, and I was tasked to perform a SURPRISE drag queen makeover on the bride-to-be Martina! 

Thankfully, Martina already had a lovely face to work with!! The thing about drag queen makeup is that the most long and boring is preparing the face. Quite some time is spent obliterating the face of any non-drag queen features with a mixture of concealers, high-coverage foundations, wax, glue, shaving foam and powders before the fun part begins!

Martina has beautiful feminine features so I was able to skip on a paint me a drag queen! 

Before I started, Martina told me she loves the swinging 60's and one of the other girls was able to tell me that she loves Dolly Parton! Well, as Dolly often said - "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap!" Therefore, the girls checked into Drag Queen 101 on how to make your makeup last longer and how to use it at its very best! They were quite surprised at how little I spend on makeup!

As Martina winced on her chair as a giant painted drag queen was let loose on her face (which was already painted beautifully), the girls watched with cameras on standby for the finished product! 

When Martina was finally given access to a mirror, she was overcome with joy! She started strutting her stuff up and down the room as Dolly Parton's '9 to 5' boomed in the background! It didn't stop there as we moved on down to the bar in Mertagh's where Martina walked up and down the catwalk! The locals wanted in on the makeover service, but unfortunately, I was only booked for Martina's pleasure!

So, ladies and gentlemen...let me introduce to you...Ms. Sally LooseLips!!

Lucy Lashes Drag Queen Makeover Hen Party

Eyes - Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette

Foundation - Max Factor Panstick

Lips - Revlon 300 Pink Pout lipstick and Maybelline 338 Midnight Plum liner

Contour and highlight - Barry M Chisel Cheeks

Brows - Kryolan Eyebrow Wax and L'Oreal Super Liner Pen

Lashes - SKR Fashions

Powders - Kryolan Translucent and Yes Love Bronzing Powder

Cheeks - Front Cover (Super Pink)

Wig - Found it somewhere in Temple Bar one night I think! 🤔

If you would like a surprise drag queen makeover - get in touch via www.lucylashesdrag.info and social media @lucylashesdrag

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