🚌 All Aboard The Bingo Bus! 🚌

How did you spend your weekend? My weekend would usually involve being in the company of about 20 party mad hens somewhere in the country. This weekend however was very different...I hopped on the bingo bus to Dundalk to gatecrash the local bingo hall!

Ok, I know what you're thinking! WHAT?? 

This was a very different bingo hall! They take it upon themselves to host theme nights, so the entire hall were checking off their books...mad hatters tea party style!!

Now as mad as these bunch were in thei finery- they weren't expecting me to walk in the door in the middle of the snowball! No! I was a very special guest! *Cue jokes about bingo balls*

Now, I may not have won the jackpot  last night...but I certainly won their hearts! Take Pat for example (I love a good pat in the morning!) He loved helping me out with my numbers! 

And then there was Darren! When I asked him what he done for a living- he replied "I play bingo!" You sure do, hunny! 

It was a bingo hall like no other! In fact, I think I'm going to start playing bingo as a regular thing! Well done Let's Bingo Dundalk! 

If you'd like Lucy to turn up and your bingo hall- please get in touch via www.lucylashesdrag.info ! If not, I'd suggest locking the doors on eyes down! 👀 

#dragqueen #bingo #fun #party #entertainment #goingout #singer #letsbingodundalk #dragqueensie

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